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There are different ways to partner with Semper K9. We are appreciative of any size donation as every little bit helps. If you would like to make a donation please click HERE.

As a corporate sponsor, we will work together to create cause-related and cross-promotional marketing opportunities while supporting our service members and rescue dogs. Just as companies can sponsor a sports team and display their corporate name on the jerseys, you can also sponsor a service dog team and display your corporate name and logo on the dog’s vest during training (“This service dog is sponsored by Top Dog Consultants.”) It’s a great way to tell the world about your company’s support for our service members.

How We Change Lives

At Semper K9, we witness the remarkable healing power that comes from the bond between service members and our dedicated canines. For those who have bravely faced active combat, our service dogs become more than just companions; they become beacons of hope, aiding in the recovery of both visible and invisible wounds of war.

Our four-legged heroes play a vital role in providing critical support, enabling veterans to rebuild connections and reclaim their sense of accessibility. Through this journey, they strengthen family ties and reintegrate as valuable members of the community.

Every Semper K9 dog starts their journey from humble beginnings, often rescued from shelters or generously donated. From there, they embark on a transformative path of purpose and service through our rigorous training program. It’s a journey that requires dedication and patience, often spanning up to two years before our canine companions are ready to be matched with a deserving veteran.

Join us in celebrating the profound impact of this partnership, where each step brings us closer to empowering our veterans and enriching the lives of humans and canines alike.


In our approach to potential sponsors, we prioritize ensuring that any collaboration is mutually beneficial. We understand that sponsorship is more than just financial support; it’s about fostering meaningful relationships. At Semper K9, these connections are invaluable not only to us but also to the veterans we serve.

We believe in tailoring sponsorships to fit your company’s needs and objectives, ensuring that you receive the greatest possible return on your investment. This is why we offer a limited number of exclusive opportunities each year to sponsor a dog in training. We recognize the importance of building strong relationships where everyone involved sees the tangible value of sponsorship.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional marketing opportunities while upholding the integrity and authenticity of Semper K9’s mission. By partnering with us, you’ll gain access to a range of benefits designed to elevate your brand visibility, all while making a genuine impact on the lives of our veterans.

Together, we can forge lasting partnerships that make a difference — for your company, for Semper K9, and most importantly, for those we proudly serve.

Program Sponsorship Opportunities