As official charity partners of the Marine Corps Marathon, Semper K9 has over 100 bibs for the full marathon, 10K, or 50K races. These bibs are reserved for athletes who have not gained race entry through other means, including deferment from previous years or via the Marine Corps Marathon lottery system.

Joining Team Semper K9 is not just for athletes who do not have race entry. If you have secured a bib through one of the additional avenues listed below, you can still join our team as a ‘Fundraiser Only’ and still get all the benefits that Team Semper K9 Athletes receive. This includes custom swag, an official race shirt, a stocked charity tent at the finish line for you and your family with healthy snacks, drinks, post-race massages, a private changing room & more! Meet some of the service members who have received our assistance and some of our service dogs that Team Semper K9 athletes are raising funds for!

Some of the ways you can run in the Marine Corps Marathon are:

  1. Four Star Registration Package with the Marine Corps Marathon
  2. Finish the Marine Corps 17.75K
  3. MCM Lottery
  4. Charity Partner athlete programsTeam Semper K9
  5. Transfers from current bibbed athletes
  6. Active Duty Registration
  7. MCM Runners Club membership
  8. Finish the Semper Fidelis Challenge

Each charity partner has their own requirements to join their team of Marine Corps Marathon athletes. To see our requirements for Team Semper K9 click here: